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LCD Menus's image

LCD Menus

On a TPP2(G2) device equipped with an LCD, you can access a settings menu that enables users to modify the device's settings using the LCD and keypad buttons This project builds on the Settings application from the tutorial series and demonstrates how to configure and navigate through the settings menu on the LCD.

LCD Widgets's image

LCD Widgets

The layout of the LCD screen on TPP2(G2) devices equipped with the LCD can be customized using widgets. This project explores the different widgets available and how to configure them.

1-Wire/Single-Wire Tibbit (62) Test Project's image

1-Wire/Single-Wire Tibbit (62) Test Project

This project shows how to use Tibbit #62. Tibbit #62 features two identical individually configurable 1-wire/single-wire channels. Each channel can accommodate up to sixteen 1-wire sensors or one single-wire sensor.

Peristaltic Pump (Stepper Motor) Control via Modbus's image

Peristaltic Pump (Stepper Motor) Control via Modbus

The project showcases AppBlock's prowess in working with Modbus devices.

Modbus Scan's image

Modbus Scan

This utility project scans the range of possible modbus sensor ids and prints out the ids of the sensors that respond to the query. The project is useful for identifying the modbus id of a sensor.

Commands from Web Dashboard's image

Commands from Web Dashboard

Example project for Appblocks with the Web Dashboard sending commands

HTTP Request's image

HTTP Request

Example project for Appblocks with the HTTP feature

MQTT Publish Sensor Data's image

MQTT Publish Sensor Data

Publish sensor data to MQTT broker

Modbus Temperature Sensor (Bus Probe 01)'s image

Modbus Temperature Sensor (Bus Probe 01)

This project outputs sensor measurements using sys.debugprint, therefore it needs to run in debug mode.

Modbus TCP Master Device's image

Modbus TCP Master Device

This project shows how to use modbus TCP to poll a sensor value of a modbus slave device over TCP.