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Tibbo Project System (TPS) Hardware

AppBlocks applications run on Tibbo Project System devices. TPS is a modular automation platform offered by Tibbo Technology, Inc. At the heart of each TPS device is a "TPP" CPU mainboard.

The mainboards:

  • Come in two sizes -- small (TPP2) and large (TPP3)
  • Feature expansion sockets for adding desired peripheral IO
  • Equipped with an Ethernet port as standard
  • Offer Wi-Fi/BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and cellular connectivity options

Application Builder

No-Code Application Builder

  • The AppBlocks is Browser-based and cross-platform
  • No code writing necessary -- define your application's logic by drawing flow diagrams
  • Debug your applications directly in the browser
  • The generated code is yours to download and keep

AppBlocks Demo Kit

The AppBlocks Demo Kit (ADK) will be an excellent companion to anyone learning the basics and core capabilities of the AppBlocks platform by following the lessons from the official AppBlocks Tutorials.

All Tutorial projects are based on a single TPS configuration. The ADK incorporates a TPS2L device of matching configuration and all peripherals you will need to test out Tutorial applications, as well as design many interesting ones of your own.

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