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Add 1-Wire/Single-wire Sensors To Your Projects

· 2 min read

Heya, Folks,

Tibbo has just released Tibbit #62, a two-channel 1-wire/single-wire interface module.

Requiring only 2- or 3-wire cables and supporting long cable lengths, 1-wire digital temperature sensors offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for building automation, precision agriculture, industrial control, and other applications requiring multipoint temperature measurement. Where temperature and humidity sensing is called for, installers can opt for single-wire DHT11 and DHT22 devices.

Tibbit #62 features two identical individually configurable channels. Each channel can accommodate up to sixteen 1-wire sensors or a single DHT11 or DHT22 sensor.

We've already implemented comprehensive Tibbit #62 support in the AppBlocks platform. As the walkthrough above shows, adding 1-wire/single-wire functionality to your project only takes a few minutes. AppBlocks automatically generates all the code required to support 1-wire and single-wire devices, including an HTML configuration page for discovering and assigning 1-wire sensors wired to a TPS device. This web interface is an indispensable tool for connecting, removing, and servicing the sensors in the field.

Tibbit 62 Test Project

The walkthrough above builds a Tibbit #62 test project. You can try it here.

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