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Introducing the AppBlocks Demo Kit

· One min read

Greetings, Folks,

You can now buy the AppBlocks Demo Kit to go through the tutorials with a nice dedicated development kit.

AppBlocks Demo Kit

When the execution is paused, you can inspect the values of your variables.

What's included in the kit:

  • One TPS2L(G2) system with the following Tibbit modules:
    • RS485 Tibbit (#05)
    • Wiegand port Tibbit (#08)
    • Dual relay Tibbit (#03-1)
    • Quad IO lines Tibbit (#00-1)
    • Three-channel PWM Tibbit (#16)
    • Power Supply Tibbit (#10)
    • Plus, matching Tibbit connectors
  • Our BP-series Modbus Sensors:
    • Temperature/humidity sensor (BP#02)
    • Ambient light sensor (BP#03)
  • An RFID reader
  • Buttons and status LEDs
  • The Kit comes with three RFID cards and a US, EU, or UK power adaptor.

Click here to buy the AppBlocks Demo Kit.

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