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Tibbo Desktop Extension

The only installation required for developing with Appblocks is the Tibbo Desktop Extension.

Uploading and debugging applications on the device requires having the Tibbo Desktop Extension running in the background.

You can download the extension here.


After running the extension installer, Windows will prompt to allow network access to the extension. Click Allow Access to allow the extension to discover devices on your local network.

Allow Network Access

If you do not see your devices in the devices list, you can manually add Tibbo Destkop Extension to the list of programs allowed network access.

To do so, go to:

  1. Open Allow an app through Windows Firewall
Allow Network Access
  1. Click Allow another app
Allow Network Access
  1. Locate the installation of the extension and click Add.
Allow Network Access

Mac OS

  1. Drag the Tibbo Desktop file from the .dmg image to your Applications folder.
Allow Network Access
  1. Open the extension.

  2. Navigate to System Settings -> Privacy & Security and allow the Tibbo Desktop Extension to run.

Allow Network Access