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Conditions of Use

AppBlocks is a flow-based, no-code, in-browser application development platform. AppBlocks is free-to-use.

As a condition of your access to the AppBlocks platform, you give the AppBlocks developer, Tibbo Technology Inc. ("TIBBO"), your consent to send you email communications, such as marketing materials and development how-tos.

No Warranties of Any Kind

The AppBlocks system is provided "as is" and without obligations or warranties of any kind.

You use AppBlocks at your own risk. TIBBO shall not be responsible for any damages or losses arising from your use of the system.

Personal Information Collection

You can test-ride AppBlocks without registering an account, but the system's functionality will be limited.

To enjoy all AppBlocks features, you must register an account and sign in.

Account sign-up only requires entering an email address and selecting a password. Email addresses are utilized as user names and are not verified.

You may enter your first and last name on the account page, but providing this information is optional.

Your AppBlocks Projects

TIBBO employees may access your projects to research AppBlocks use patterns, investigate issues, and provide technical support.

We will not share your complete AppBlocks projects with other users or third parties. However, we reserve the right to use elements of your projects in marketing and technical materials.

You may download Tibbo BASIC projects generated by AppBlocks. These are yours to keep and modify outside of the AppBlocks platform.


Cookies are required for the correct operation of this website. Many user actions, such as sign-ins, require cookies to be enabled.

We use third-party services, such as Google Analytics, to track the user activity on this website. These services also deploy cookies.

Policy changes

These Terms of Service may change at any time.

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